Trampshoes is a project/diary of non-specific intent and nebulous goals. Trampshoes upload the things they make. More information.


Text: 2006-08-19

For just a second on a lunchtime crowded street there's a waft of that fragrance and an instant perfect recall from who knows how many years ago. Your head snaps round and you feel a sudden weight dropping to the pit of your stomach. No images to go with this memory but there's an urge to run it down, grab, hold and keep it this time. No use. As soon as it appears it's lost among the confused drive of a hundred bodies, carried away on the inertia of the street. Eyes to the ground again and follow the feet in front of you. The weight in your stomach drops out completely. You're empty now save for the sense of broken connections, snapped tethers and a history that drifts further and further out of reach.

Text: 2006-08-16

Deconstruction Number 1: Picking.

As in picking at wallpaper, skin, scabs etc. Can be achieved with fingernails or a small sharp tool like a pin or scalpel. It is more rewarding to pick at something which for whatever reason you know you should not. Picking at something designed to be picked at is a hollow experience and will not produce the required psychological effect. Picking should continue until you feel that the picking is complete and you are satisfied. The conditions required to produce this state vary from case to case and there are no set rules or guidelines. You must reach your own satisfactory conclusion.

WARNING: Picking can become a compulsive activity and generate spells of phycological addiction. Do not cease picking part way through as this can generate feelings of extreme anxiety and frustration.

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Trampshoes is a diary/project of non-specific intent and nebulous goals. Trampshoes upload the things they make.

Trampshoes is mostly interested in audio, however as of 2006-08-18 text content is also inculded. Maybe in the future there will be pictures.

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